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Welcome to GOLF SMARTER! Fred Greene has been talking to PGA Professionals since 2005 in his quest to be a smarter, happier, and better golfer. From the valuable information gained in this podcast, both he and listeners from around the world have seen incredible improvement in their games. You will too! 

Jul 2, 2013

#391 for Members Only - NFL Quarterback Peyton Manning defied all the odds by having a successful season after recovering from neck surgery. Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) Therapy developed in Denver, CO by Greg Roskopf has been credited to his miraculous recovery. MAT Therapy has also been significant for other NFL stars like John Elway and Chris Simms. PGA Professionals and amateur golfers have also testified to being able to play more, better, and pain free even after their first session!

Laura Lohrmann is a golfer and a certified MAT Specialist who introduces us to the details of this method that “Bridges the Gap between Fitness and Rehabilitation”. She shares what it is, how it works, how it differs from Chiropractics (muscle vs skeletal), and how immediate the results can effect your body, and your game!

To find a MAT Specialist near you and more information go to

If you’re based in the Chicago area, or would like to have Laura help you, her website is