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Welcome to GOLF SMARTER! Fred Greene has been talking to PGA Professionals since 2005 in his quest to be a smarter, happier, and better golfer. From the valuable information gained in this podcast, both he and listeners from around the world have seen incredible improvement in their games. You will too! 

Oct 26, 2010

Tony Manzoni returns by popular demand to provide details on his "Single Pivot Swing" which he believes was Ben Hogan's secret that was never revealed. A PGA instructor since 1965, Tony has spent years studying Hogan's swing and breaks down the details in this 55 minute interview.

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Oct 19, 2010

Jack Sims has started multiple, successful businesses, is a writer, lecturer and golf instructor. His book, "How to Seriously Win at Business and Golf" is a guide for those who want to become more successful at both. He provides tips on putting, practice and more.

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Oct 12, 2010

Would you like access to hundreds of Private Country Club courses across the US? McRedmond Morelli, the brains behind talks about his startup that has opened the doors for you to play, entertain and gain access to exclusive courses. We discuss how the idea began, why it's a great tool for gifts...

Oct 5, 2010

GSfMO#251 Tony Manzoni, co-founder of Callaway, developed the Single Pivot Swing after extensively studying Ben Hogan's swing. He also promotes Shot Watch as a valuable swing aide that monitors rhythm, grip pressure and swing speed.

Inventor Ted Caldwell joins in the conversation to give more details on the product and...