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Welcome to GOLF SMARTER! Fred Greene has been talking to PGA Professionals since 2005 in his quest to be a smarter, happier, and better golfer. From the valuable information gained in this podcast, both he and listeners from around the world have seen incredible improvement in their games. You will too! 

Feb 21, 2007

This interview is about the mental conditioning that will improve your game. Peter Brusso has developed the Vision 1 Golf program that can truly have an impact on your approach to practicing, playing and scoring.

Feb 13, 2007

Some feel that college sports are more fun and exciting than Pro sports. What about college level golf? Is it a ticket to the pros? Should you play high school golf to help get into a Division 1 program? Can you get a free ride playing golf? You'll be amazed at the answers from the Head Coach at Michigan University,...

Feb 7, 2007

PGA Legend Gary Player used a single caddie for 20 years. Alfred Dyer, primarily known as "Rabbit" has also been the caddie for two US Presidents and Hollywood's biggest stars. He was inducted into the PCA Worldwide Hall of Fame in 2000. This entertaining conversation shows why Rabbit is the PCA Worldwide Caddie Ambassador.