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Welcome to GOLF SMARTER! Fred Greene has been talking to PGA Professionals since 2005 in his quest to be a smarter, happier, and better golfer. From the valuable information gained in this podcast, both he and listeners from around the world have seen incredible improvement in their games. You will too! 

Aug 29, 2006

Geoff Mangum's is an amazingly rich website that focuses on only one aspect of golf; putting. In this conversation, Geoff provides the most important elements of a putt and gives us a couple of great drills.

Aug 22, 2006

8/22/06 - Episode #36. If you don't stretch before your round of golf, you're not getting the most out of your swing and are probably stiff after wards. Mike Pederson is a well known fitness expert who focuses on golf and offers stretching, snacking and home workout tips.

Aug 18, 2006

The Shivas Irons Society was founded on the principles taught by the character in Michael Murphy's classic "Golf in the Kingdom." With the premise that golf is a good stage for the drama of our self-discovery, this week's interview is with the founder of the Shivas Irons Society, Steve Cohen. Discussion is about the...

Aug 16, 2006

Billy Bondaruk is the Lead Instructor at the Catta Vedera Country Club and his website on the 7 Myths of Golf will really open your eyes. His stories of amazing, yet unexplainable performances support his concepts of how important it is to be in the moment. Billy believes that golfers get stuck in visualization which...

Aug 11, 2006

8/1/06 - Episode #33. Golf In The Kingdom is a classic in golf fiction and author Michael Murphy shares his thoughts on golf in literature. Murphy is one of the founders of the Esalan Institute, so he has a long history of the mind-body connection. We discuss his views on how his books have been a training guide for...